Cyber Park in Ouerdanine

PROGRAM Offices Open spaces Exhibition’s hall

LOCATION Monastir - tunisia

AREA 900 sqm

CLIENT Ministry of Regional Development and Planning

BUDGET 1 025 000 TND

STATUT Competition entry

We consider architecture as a response to an environment to a context and to realities The new cyber park Ouerdanine will be located in an anarchic residential area where surely very few architects have already worked

The result is an “architecture without architects” an aesthetic of the unfinished of temporary thatlasts and raw textures

But also entities organized by approximate juxtapositions Inspired by this context our response is to build with containers And this is justified for several reasons

First this construction technique widespread throughout the world borrows to the project’s environment its aesthetic temporary and unusual

Then building with containers have several advantages

- A strong and durable construction Containers are freestanding

- Lower costs of operation reducing for example foundations and removing the masonry or plaster works

- Shorter periods of construction, the containers arriving on site in modules perfectly viable and assembled on site

- A solution to the shortage of labour

- An environmental approach based on recycling containers and the use of less material

The containers are made of Corten steel treated against corrosion, and withstand temperatures from -30 to 80 degrees

The project is into alignment with the existent road on the ground floor and 1st floor as if to signal the emergence of the project on public space

The container wall replaces here the fence Planting trees on the northern side of the site acts as a shield against the prevailing winds

The rest of the site retains the same existent topsoil reducing the cost of external works reduced to a few barrels to sit and drink coffee a parking will eventually be built