Experimental House


PROGRAM: Housing for single or couple
LOCATION: Nowhere/Everywhere
AREA: 60 sqm
STATUT: Concept



This project is a house for a single person or a couple, inclined at 13°. Just below of human adherence limit of 16°. All interiors moves are provided by ramps. Horizontal slabs can be work plans or the ground on which we walk. A modest tribute to Claude Parent’s book. An uncompromising architecture, a first idea, a first drawing kept to the end. A fantasy shape. A reflection on the formal relationship between a project and a slope. One large opening, a sort of window to the sky. Two materials: prefabricated concrete and wood. Designed to be built in series.


Project team: hk+b Architecture
Visualisations: hk+b Rendering

Renders       Model Plan   Section Elevation  
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