Fire Department Headquarters

PROGRAM: Residence, Fire station, Exteriors
LOCATION: San Francisco - USA
AREA: 5000 sqm
STATUT: Competition entry

The first idea is to create an integrated project, in continuity with the urban space, linking the city and the bay. Oakland Bridge is also an important factor taken into account in the design. The orthogonal urban grid of San Francisco is deflected near the bridge. It follows the same direction as it. Our project will follow the same direction. It will be a building rising inclined towards the water. It peaked closer to the bay and is deflected at an acute angle , increasing the tension . The roof of the building takes off from the street. It is landscaped with green spaces and routes for pedestrians, cyclists and skaters. None other amenities are created elsewhere, which strengthens the contrast and invites pacing the roof. This roof will have the same width as the bridge: 20m . It thus keeps the same feelings, the same trace. The highest part of the project will hold the restaurant and terraces. Biased form allows to illuminate the lower spaces and offer views of the water. Access is via ramps emphasizing the angular lines of the project. The project is not only a fire station, it is a part of the urban facilities, rising from the city and embracing the water.

Project team: hk+b Architecture
Visualisations: hk+b Rendering

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