Hungarian Museum of Architecture & FotoMuzeum in City Park

PROGRAM Exhibitions Event Hall Offices


AREA 15300 sqm


STATUT Competition entry

WITH Architecture Concept

According to the competition statement to the chosen sites and to the nature of both museums it seemed clear that the two future buildings must have a strong relation between them Even if they cannot be physically connected they have to communicate Instead of thinking on two different projects separated by a public space the idea is to start with one constructible lot and one square

This initial lot is a rectangle of 96 x 46.5m included in one site boundary It is divided in two equal parts following an oblique direction inspired by the direction of Heroes Square and Mucsarnok This section divides the rectangle’s width according to the rule of thirds a rule widely used in photography and architecture compositions

Then one of the two parts is translated to the other site The Hungarian Museum of Architecture close to the urban promenade and the FotoMuzeum close to the park A game of full and empty is created Each volume is the other’s opposite A pedestal a memento of the original form is kept under each museum

The Architecture museum is raised on a glass base hosting entrances and consumption spaces On both volumes tilts on roof and base create tension in direction of the 1956’s monument Finally a black covering is chosen for the FotoMuzeum and a white texture for the Hungarian Museum of Architecture It enhances the contrast and at the same time binds closely the two projects just like a yin-yang symbol