Rammed Earth House


PROGRAM Single family house


AREA 280 sqm

CLIENT H. Family

STATUT Proposal

WITH Group for Agricultural Development

This project is part of an associative work started in collaboration with the Group of agricultural development GDA Sidi Amor It is to build a green home for a disadvantaged family and one of whose children is disabled

The philosophy of the project is to “ make with what we have” both in the choice of materials and in the shape of the building and its location The house will be built using the technique of rammed earth and adobe This material is already present on the site no need to go looking elsewhere The whole process is in collaboration with local skills and crafts

During the construction the local workforce will be trained to the techniques used The project consists of three entities This choice is motivated by several reasons each entity is in reality a module already built by the group as part of its work with ecological materials

By keeping the same proportions the scale of the project is controlled The house can be constructed in phases each entity being independent of the others which may be constructed later since associative work is very dependent on funding In addition by separating each part of the building a better orientation is guaranteed of the whole which improves the thermal characteristics of the building

This gives 3 monoliths juxtaposed and completely opaque on west and east elevations The arrangement of blocks and the deviation of the central block creates different patios used for different functions