School in Tounine-Mareth

PROGRAM: 45 classrooms, Multipurpose room, Library, Sports areas
AREA: 3500 sqm
CLIENT: Tunisian Ministry of Education
BUDJET: 2 000 000 TND
STATUT: Competition entry - 4th prize

The school is a place full of symbols. The complexity of its design, apart from all functional and environmental constraints, lies in the fragility of the student in that age. Our approach is to create a fun place that stimulates the curiosity of the child while respecting its ascent to adulthood.
The land has a total slope of 8m. Sports areas in the foreground and the compact body of the building in the background will be located on the first parcel of land, relatively flat, thus minimizing the earthworks. The rest of the land, where the slope is stronger, will host a eucalyptus forest, perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions of the region. It will protect from prevailing winds and will act as a refreshing plant screen for the entire project.
The project is in the form of two monotonous and continuous classrooms bars, interrupted by three different elements, which are distinguished by their shape, color or texture. For practical reasons, the administration will be in the middle, the multipurpose room to the west and the library in the east. The real life of the school, the children’s play, will take place in the vacuum between these three entities. Double revolution stairways will come animate these patios. Strong and stunning elements arousing curiosity.
Playful and dominant.

Project team: hk+b Architecture
Visualisations: hk+b Rendering

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