Social Housing in Mtorrech


PROGRAM 6 apartments


AREA 900 sqm

CLIENT Tunisian Ministry of Justice

STATUT Under Construction


On two separate lots 6 apartments are to be built Face to an area with no real architectural quality and a poor and desolate neighborhood what posture should we adopt? The one that offers two buildings with a very different look but both governed by basic geometric laws around the golden and silver rectangles While in the first lot the smallest these proportions are only suggestions and concern only the dimensions of the protrusions and openings they are very distinct in the second where they define the shape of the plan (10m x 16m) of elevations and windows For the first project the building is completely introverted and takes the appearance of a contracted form tense almost edgy Except a large bay on the ground floor and a very thin slot on the 2nd floor no opening directly on the outside All open onto terraces and covered spaces In the second construction the aesthetic is more common in social housing Large white surfaces contrasting with colored subtractions and random openings