Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge

PROGRAM: Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge
LOCATION: Lisbon - Portugal
AREA: 500 sqm
STATUT: Competition entry – Selected Project

The inspiration of this bridge, located over the 2 circular in Lisbon, comes from nature. It is mimicry. The general form is inspired by twisted branches. The structure by insect’s skeleton. These references are maybe unusual, but certainly unexploited. The structure elements evolve and twist, making the bridge a giant wooden insect emerging on the street. A sort of Alien, but kind.

Motion captors are placed on the walkway and connected to lights supplied by solar panels. These lights come on only when passing a pedestrian and go off soon. They follow the movement and create an effect of bulb. Thus, lighting costs are reduced. The lighting system of the bridge was inspired by a very special kind of insects: glow-worms.
At night, the bridge comes out of the darkness as if by magic, to draw a fluid ray of light and darkens again.
Lifts and ramps are installed to ensure accessibility to everyone.

Project team: hk+b Architecture / MOVE Architects
Visualisations: hk+b Rendering

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