4 IN 1

Varna Library


PROGRAM Reading Areas Public spaces Storage facility Undergroud garage

LOCATION Varna - bulgaria

AREA 30 000 sqm

CLIENT Municipality of Varna

STATUT Competition entry


The goal of the project is to match the competition objectives using a clear and simple functional diagram First create a new public space open and friendly unified with the rest of the competition plot Then a

mirrored panel box containing the library main storage covers the urban ground floor and separate it from the reading spaces It reflects the sky and the city and protects its heritage and legacy On the roof of

this cube moved trees of the site are replanted and a garden in motion is created Outdoor reading areas and playgrounds find place over the clouds Finally flying slabs are stacked to create continuous and open reading areas that extend in terraces They are above neighbour’s height and enjoy the view on the sea and on the city Slabs are supported with a red tube

which contains the staircase This element balances the whole composition A composition made of simple geometries but that seems liquid and fluid due to the reflecting box and the play of overhangs

Some people see resemblance with stacked books we see it as magic carpets illuminated with the colors of Bulgaria and Varna